Allerton House Post Production

The Concept - high quality, low cost.

  • With the rapid advance of computerisation and technical development, the most expensive element of your final mix or editorial process is no longer the cost and up-keep of equipment, it is the rental cost of the prime location Soho studio.

  • With today's frantic post production schedules, how much of that time do you, the client, actually spend in that room? Virtually none.

  • Our small, but perfectly formed, studio has the highest spec equipment (including AVID ProTools, ICON mixing desk and Dynaudio monitoring) BUT as it's not designed for client attending we can keep the costs down to a minimum. 

Instead: let your talented sound team work at studios of their convenience (at home in our case) using often more advanced equipment than the cash-strapped Central London facilities, and either review and OK mixes at your convenience on DVD or file at your home or office,  or book a limited time at a Soho studio purely for reviews and updates. We have good relationships with most of the Central London facilites and can happily book this on your behalf.

After an initial spotting session we can take care of all editorial work, dialogue clean-up, foley recording (if required), premixing and final mixing without any need for attendance, then can create all sound deliverables (M&Es, alternative duration recuts, mixes for different media, speed/pitch conversions) after the mix has been OKed by you.

We can also arrange ADR and VO recordings at a studio in a location and at a budget to suit you.