Allerton House Post Production

The Process

We operate in the standard six step way, but with one or two key differences:

1) Spotting session

We meet at a venue of your choice, often the picture editor's cutting room, and go through the project discussing the sound world.  

We start of with an overview of the entire film, then go over it again in increasing levels of detail.

This session will be attended by Matthew, and at least one of the sound editorial team. 

This is the ONLY point at which we need to meet with you. If the project is very straightforward we may not even need to meet at all!

2) Sound Editorial

This is the process of cleaning up sync tracks, adding sound effects, atmospheres and foleys to create the 'world' your characters inhabit. Depending on the nature of your project, we'll select the most appropriate people for this process and you'll have a close working relationship with them throughout. 

After the initial spotting session, where we dissect the project and discuss with you the sound world in detail, if required we can send you 'work in progress' sections as the edit progresses to ensure you're happy all the way through.

We can also organise and co-ordinate any ADR or V/O recording that may required, using any one of a number of facilites to suit you.

3) Mixing

Once the editorial process is complete, and you're happy with all the various 'work-in-progress' stages, the project will then be pre-mixed and final mixed.  All the elements will be brought together, including music, dialogue and the various sound effects elements, to create the sound world as briefed in the initial spotting session.

Once the mix is complete, we will send you a high quality audio file for you to approve and sign off the mix.

4) Client Review & notes

If you want to, we can arrange an 'in person' review session at a studio in London.  This is a relatively simple procedure, and can be anything from a single run through of the show taking notes, to a more detailed un-picking of the various elements until you're happy.

Nothing is 'hard' premixed as all the work lives inside protools - we can easily adjust any element to your tastes. 

We have excellent working relationships with many studios in London and the surrounding areas, and can easily arrange this on your behalf.

5) Sound Deliveries

There are always various different versions of a mix to do once it's had creative 'sign off'. These can include cut-downs, M&E's, mix minus narration, DVD surround mixes, pitch/speed changes.

All of this is taken care of without any need for attending.  Files will then be sent to your video house for laybacks/physical deliveries.

A detailed technical 'Deliveries schedule' will be required for this.

6) Archive and Backup

Your entire project will be consolidated and tidied-up, and copied onto a storage media of your choice for you to store with your picture archives.  We recommend a firewire 800 drive of an appropriate capacity.

You can either supply us with a drive or we will source an archive grade drive for you (recommended).